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You must be paid for “all hours worked”

The Fair Labor Standards Act, and its provision for recovering unpaid wages, is interpreted by the Department of Labor. The DOL has long held that for purposes of the FLSA, “In determining the number of hours for which overtime compensation is due, all hours worked by an employee for an employer in a particular workweek must be counted.” 29 C.F.R. 778.315. Additionally, “This extra [time-and-a-half rate] compensation for the excess hours of overtime work under the Act cannot be said to have been paid to an employee unless all the straight time compensation [owed to the worker] for the nonovertime hours… has been paid.” This interpretation applies to workers in Kansas City, Missouri, and across the country.

Of growing concern throughout the Kansas City area and across the United States is the wage theft practiced against low-wage workers in the food service industry. Common violations of wage and hour law at fast food and other restaurants include unpaid, off-the-clock kitchen preparation or clean-up, as well as automatically deducting time for unpaid meal breaks that are not, in fact, taken. If you believe you may be owed wages by your employer, please consider contacting Civil Justice Law Firm LLC or another lawyer about your potential claims. Recovery of unpaid wages under the FLSA may include doubling the amount owed to you, under the “liquidated damages” provision of the Act. Additionally, workers’ attorney fees may be recoverable from the employer under the Act’s mandatory fee-shift.