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Consumer Rights

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Honesty in advertising and sales isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s the law. When businesses use false or misleading information or leave out important information in order to sell a product or service, loan money, or collect a debt, they may violate important consumer protection laws. If a business has been dishonest in its dealings with you, please contact Civil Justice Law Firm LLC to discuss your situation. Among the laws that protect consumers from dishonest and abusive business practices are the following:

  • Missouri’s Merchandising Practices Act prohibits any deception, false promise, or omission of material fact in selling or advertising consumer goods or services, before, during, or after the sale.
  • The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act prohibits a debt collector from making misrepresentations in order to obtain information about the debtor, or threatening to take action that cannot legally be taken.
  • Missouri’s Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles Act provides that selling a vehicle without providing the title renders the sale “fraudulent and void.” Missouri law further states that the consumer loan to finance the vehicle does not need to be paid.
  • The Fair Credit Reporting Act specifies consumer rights and procedures to ensure that your credit report is accurate and is used only for permissible purposes.
  • The Truth In Lending Act requires specific, accurate information in various types of consumer credit transactions.
  • Other state laws, like the Colorado Consumer Protection Act and the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, protect consumers in those states.
  • “Common” law has long prohibited fraud in all manner of sales and other business dealings.

If a business has provided false information or failed to provide material information in selling you goods or services, please contact Civil Justice Law Firm LLC to discuss your situation. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, the firm is currently focusing on unpaid wage and consumer rights cases in Kansas City, Columbia, Springfield, Jefferson City, and surrounding areas. The firm handles cases on an individual or class action basis.

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