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A creditor’s suit against you where you do not live may be illegal.

One illegal strategy that some debt collectors use is to sue their customers in the company’s home state rather than the state where the customer lives. If the customer has not had at least “minimum contacts” with the state where the company files suit, then the court handling the case lacks jurisdiction over the debtor, and any judgment entered against the debtor is likely void. Debt collectors are more likely to pursue this illegal strategy when the customer has meritorious defenses to the collection action; by filing in a far-away state, the debt collector hopes the customer will not appear to defend against the case. You may be able to sue the debt collector in your home state to set aside the judgment in the far away state. See Office Supply Store.com v. Kansas City School Board, 334 S.W.3d 574 (Mo. App. W.D. 2011). If you live in or around Kansas City, Missouri and have been sued out of state for a debt, you may wish to contact Civil Justice Law Firm to assess whether you may set aside the judgment.